Lori Pruett - Owner of On Track Solutions, LLC.

Lori is the happy busy wife to John, and the happy busy mama to eight children, most of whom have left the nest and also the joyful grand-mother of three. Before she was blessed with children, she served as public school teacher in special education with a concentration in serving students with emotional challenges. When her first child was in Kindergarten, she and John decided to try homeschooling for that first year and 25 years later, the rest is history.


She is passionate about communication and learning. Her mission is to help others know the joy of learning. A background in special education and 30+ years of tutoring experience have given her insight into the way students learn. One of her greatest joys is in leading struggling students to life-changing breakthroughs in education and career planning.


When she is not working, she treasures time for reading, writing, sipping tea on her front porch, or listening to nightly cricket concerts with friends and family. She thrives on fine food, great fellowship, meaningful conversation, and a daily dose of dark chocolate.


Lori is the owner of On Track Solutions, LLC and e-boook author of Grading without the Guesswork. Our company is committed to serving families as they live, and grow together.


Join Lori for TWO sessions!



High School Road Map (GPS)

A power-hour to help parents and students navigate the high school journey. What's the first thing we usually do when we start out to an unfamiliar destination? In the old days, we grabbed a map, now we hit the GPS. We need a step by step guide to get to our destination, but the journey is not the same for each family. Great news!!! There are options.

We will explore the importance of your students having a strong sense of purpose as they chart their destination. Whether you are a homeschool veteran or a newbie with little ones, High School Road Maps (GPS) can give you a fresh perspective on how to tame the details and keep it simple as you move forward in faith, not fear.


  • Study On Purpose
  • Study Plans
  • Overview of Transcripts
  • College or Career
  • Credits made simple
  • Test Prep Basics



Choosing Curriculum to Fit Your Family

How on earth do you ever decide? I remember the old days when the choices were slim in the curricula department. There were only a handful of choices, but innovative homeshoolers began an entire industry with more options than we can even process. Join me for a workshop that help you streamline your choices and help you find the curriculum that best fits your family.

We will explore

  • what questions to ask when choosing homeschool materials
  • how to survive a homeschool book fair
  • cost v. benefit
  • special needs students
  • how to adapt what I already have