In 2018, the Upstate Homeschool Expo (formerly Upstate Back-to-Homeschool Jamboree) will be celebrating its 4th year! The mission of the Upstate Homeschool Expo is to equip, inform, and encourage both new and experienced homeschoolers from across the Upstate of South Carolina by showcasing the best of what's available in our area.

If your business, organization, or community considers this audience its major market, then the Upstate Homeschool Expo is the event for you to be at! In just a few hours at the Expo you can promote your product and/or service to hundreds of local Upstate homeschoolers, and all for FREE!



Why You Should Exhibit

So many homeschoolers, particularly those who are brand new to homeschooling, are simply not aware of the wonderful resources that are available to them. It can take weeks, sometimes months, to even hear about a class, co-op, or support group!

The Upstate Homeschool Expo provides a place for homeschool families to find the resources that benefit them most, and allows groups, organizations, and companies to interact with the community and demonstrate your products and services.

It's a win-win for everyone!

We don't charge for this event because we want everyone, regardless of size or budget, to be able to find support and encouragement.


Who Should Exhibit?

If your organization supplies products or services that directly benefit homeschooling families then this exhibiting opportunity will be of special interest to you. We welcome...

  • Co-ops
  • Accountability Associations
  • Classes (academic and enrichment)
  • Support Groups
  • Curriculum Publishers
  • Activity Groups
  • Tutors
  • homeschool family-owned businesses
  • and more!


The Expo Program

The Upstate Homeschool Expo Program is a free guide to the Expo provided to all visitors. It provides a detailed map of the Expo floor area and a listing of each exhibitor. This free listing is afforded to all exhibitors. In addition to this, exhibitors can take advantage of the advertising opportunities within the Expo program.


Booth and Table Space Available

As of Saturday, June 9th, we are FULL.


Booth Space


  • Booth spaces are 10' x 6'
  • Includes one 6' x 2' banquet table and two chairs
  • You may bring additional tables and displays

Please do not register for a booth space unless you're certain that you will fully utilize the space provided. 


Tabletop Space


  • Includes two chairs
  • Exhibitor provides their own table not to exceed 6' L x 3' W
  • Display is limited to the tabletop area. Exhibitors may not place any items on the floor, including, but not limited to, stands, banners, displays, or additional tables

If you expect to need more space than allowed on a table we encourage you to register for a booth.


Tips & Helpful Information for Exhibitors

  • Exhibitors should consider providing take-home materials for attendees. This can be business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. which attendees can refer to later to reach you.
  • We are looking for exhibitors that add an element of fun and/or interest to the Expo. Take some time to consider how you can provide a hands-on aspect to your booth or table. Perhaps you can host a game, a craft, a giveaway, or other fun experience.
  • Get ready! The exhibitor area is active and lively throughout the event. Participants ask important questions and are truly interested in your products and services.


Attention multi-level marketers and independent consultants & distributors. We welcome some of your products if they are deemed useful to a homeschool family. We only allow one exhibitor for each company, filled on a first-come-first-served basis. 



Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to
meet with hundreds of homeschool families
from across the Upstate at the only Expo
catering specifically to the local community.


Registration deadline to exhibit is Sunday, June 10th!!

As of Saturday, June 9th, we are FULL.