Curriculum Show & Tell

Attendees at the Curriculum Show & Tell will be able to interact with lots of different programs, see how the curriculum is used, and present their questions to homeschoolers who have actually used it and know it's strengths and weaknesses.

Veteran homeschoolers, this is your opportunity to showcase the educational tools that you've found most helpful! You may bring any and all curriculum that you have used and love, as well as planners, portfolios, organization strategies and other tools that would be helpful to other homeschoolers.

There will be no sales at the Show & Tell. This is strictly for sharing, not selling.



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to show & tell?
Bring the things that you love the most and love to use! Think beyond curriculum to things such as binding machines, organization tools, planners, pens, markers, stickers....anything that you believe would be helpful to another homeschooler!

How exactly does this work?
Each participant will have their own table to display the items that they bring (we provide the table). Attendees can visit your table, look at the things you have on display, ask questions, and chat about what you've used and why you love it.

Can I sell items that I no longer need?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow the sale of items at the Curriculum Show & Tell.

What if I'm not comfortable talking in front of people?
The beauty of the show & tell format is that you're not giving a lecture or talking to people who may or may not really be interested in what you have to say. You'll be interacting, usually one-on-one, with people who have specific questions about a product that you already love and know lots about. Who may even make new friends!