Anne Campbell

Anne Campbell is a 15-year homeschool mom, English/ESL teacher, writer, homeschool consultant, speaker, and chicken wrangler. Her family has homeschooled in between music and art lessons, nature walks, park days, lightsaber battles, field trips, cooking, and learning to drive--embracing the light bulb moments of discovery and cherishing their spontaneous lives.

While homeschooling through high school, Anne’s oldest son successfully earned credits through dual enrollment, as well as through the AP Literature and Composition Exam. He also earned two college scholarships. Anne’s middle son is currently earning dual credits in high school and college.

As a certified English teacher with classroom experience in both middle and high school, Anne enjoys teaching high school literature and writing classes to local homeschool students and encouraging other homeschool parents that they CAN homeschool all the way through high school! She writes at Learning Table (, where she also offers printable resources and classes to help other families on their homeschool journey.


Join Anne to learn...

How to Make Dual Enrollment Work for You

What is dual enrollment and how do you make dual enrollment work for you? How can dual enrollment lead to college success? We'll answer these questions, and learn more about...

...Dual enrollment programs
...Designing a course of study
...Dual enrollment success strategies
...Homeschooling while dual enrolled
...Benefits beyond credits
...Transitioning to full-time college