On Track Solutions, LLC is committed to serving families as they live, learn, and grow together.


On Track Solutions provides resources and services to help individuals, families, and organizations discover their purpose and priorities to bridge the gap between surviving and thriving.


We focus on helping homeschool families streamline priorities, build good habits, and sharpen communication skills.

We specialize in helping families with special needs students navigate their challenging journey.

We offer products and services to equip families in study skills, test prep, record keeping, plus classes, and tutoring in writing, math, and public speaking.


Stop by our table to register for a give-away of a complimentary family consultation. Choose from:

  • high school planning
  • special needs at home
  • study plan
  • home management

Plus register for a free copy of Lori's e-book Grading without the Guesswork.


Visit On Track Solutions to learn more.

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