A Gentle Feast is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum for the entire family built upon a rhythm and routine similar to that of a four course meal.


A Gentle Feast has four cycle years of curriculum based on a four year History rotation modeled after the programmes of Charlotte Mason. To choose the year that is right for your family, see the diagram below. Your family will all be in the same color year in order to study the same time period.


A Gentle Feast is...

...Family Centered
In a morning time routine, the entire family will be together to work on many subjects. You will not need to read multiple books to multiple children. This plan brings your family together as much as possible.

...Charlotte Mason Inspired
Inspired by the teachings of English educational philosopher and teacher, Charlotte Mason, this curriculum is a feast of living ideas presented in a format consistent with Miss Mason’s philosophy and principles.

...A Living Approach
This curriculum is deeply steeped in books, beauty and Biblical truth. It is gentle to both mom and child while providing a firm academic foundation through a delightful approach to learning.


Visit A Gentle Feast to learn more about and purchase the curriculum.

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